Thanks for the response. You are quite right, I wasn't getting an s/pdif
signal into the Gina. The reason was the cable. Foolishly I thought the red
lead went into the red socket at the S2000, and the other end into the red
socket on the Gina. Ditto with the white cable. However, when I swapped the
plugs over it worked. SImple solution really. 

Thanks again, Matthew.

At 01:41 PM 7/24/99 +0100, you wrote:
>> I have been unable to get the s/pdif inputs on my Gina card to work. I am
>> trying to record from the digital outs of my S2000. I get no reading on the
>> digital VUs in the Gina mixer or in any audio app. I have tried changing
>> settings everywhere from cpanel to the audio apps. I notice the s/pdif
>> 'button' on the Gina mixer applet is inactive. I am sure this was working
>> once before when I recorded into the Gina from a DAT.
>Do you mean you can only select 'internal'? That would seem to suggest that, 
>for some reason, the Gina isn't getting a S/PDIF signal. I regularly use my 
>Gina to record the digital out of my S2800, and have never had a problem like 
>this (fortunately). Without knowing your setup it's difficult to suggest what 
>might be wrong. Are you using a proper digital cable to get the signal from 
>sampler to the card? (Even if you aren't, it would surprise me if this was
>cause of your problem, as normal phono leads have always worked in my 
>experience.) Are there some settings that need changing on the S2000 (eg from 
>AES/EBU to S/PDIF)? Have you checked this out with another digital recorder?
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