> wow, i'm glad i found this list. i just bought a gina card and it seems that
> event tech support is totally awol. i'm having trouble even installing the
> card. if anyone can help it would be most appreciated. also, if you could
> respond to my email below it would be great. it's a little long so ignore it
> if you want to. thanks in advance y'all.
> my system:
> dell xps 600mhz Pentium III (brand new)
> windows 98 (latest ver.)
> BIOS phoenix 6.0 (i think - i'll double check this)

I think the Pheonix 4.0 Release 6 is the latest one. Am I wrong... There's
a couple of BIOS options you might want to try tweaking, related to Plug
And Play. The Gina is PCI 2.1 and plug and play capable, but I have found
in the past that the drivers don't find a free IRQ very well. So likely what's
happening is your Soundblaster and your GINA are settling on the same IRQ.

What you need to do, is figure out which IRQ your BIOS is assigning to each of
the cards on bootup. If you can't do that, and I wasn't able to see how to
in the Pheonix bios, you might want to try setting the 'Plug And Play OS' flag
to true, which will allow Windows to do all the IRQ settings for you. I think
the BIOS will not try to do it on bootup.

Let me know how things go.


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