hey all, i thought i'd share something

 - the s/pdif jacks on my gina had been annoying me for a while since i
didn't have anything that spit out digital signals, so i had 2 inputs just
sitting there doing nothing. i decided to to look into getting an outboard
A/D converter so i could just have another 2 analog inputs. I found that
product in the 'flying calf A/D' by midiman which is a 24 bit (they have a
20 bit version also) outboard converter that does 44.1k/48k with 128 bit
oversampling analog to digital conversion. this is actually better than the
Gina 1/2 inputs on the breakout box.

i payed 169$US for the 24 bit version at zzounds.com - they also make an
A/D-D/A version (called the flying cow) and a D/A version. all in all it's a
great sounding unit and it sits away from the computer so it's really quiet.
the only downside is the damn wallwart...

if any of you have been wishing you had extra inputs this is a pretty cheap
and effective way to go.


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