Thank you all for your comments.

There seems to be some interest and certainly agreement on just
"for testing"/"temporary" and the limits on cloud infrastructure
in relation to things as Hadoop, ZooKeeper and Giraph.

I also agree that, given Whirr can already spin Hadoop clusters,
user can run Giraph that way.

Whirr option might become more interesting in relation to YARN
and perhaps unit/integration testing (although, I am not sure
if/who is willing to put a credit card that). Fortunately, Giraph
tests run reasonably well and quickly locally.

Anyway, I'll keep an eye on WHIRR-530 and as I learn more about
Giraph and Whirr help that if I can. Personally, I am more
interested in YARN and Giraph than Giraph in its current shape.
Or, in orther words, in the future of Giraph rather than in the
past (i.e. backward compatibility/legacy) (although, I am aware
you have that in your mind as well and it seems to me there are
already Giraph users, so...)


Paolo Castagna wrote:
> Hi,
> seen this?
>   WHIRR-530 - Add Giraph as a service
> This could be quite useful for users who want to give Giraph a spin on cloud
> infrastructure, just for testing or to run a few small experiments.
> My experience with Whirr an small 10-20 nodes clusters has be quite positive.
> Less so for larger clusters, but it more a problem/limit with the cloud
> provider rather than Whirr itself. I think.
> Whirr makes extremely easy and pleasant deploy stuff on-demand.
> ... and Whirr already supports YARN:
> Is any Giraph developers/users here also a Whirr user?
> Paolo

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