Another challenge for the Collective Wisdom of GO...

As our school is closed on Friday this week for an Ethnic Holiday (good old
Diwali!) I am having a long weekend in Suffolk with my husband.  We are
going to stay in Bures, but will be getting around to such places as
Sudbury, Lavenham and Bury St. Edmonds also.  I've never been to any of
these places, so can anyone tell me if there are any interesting bookshops
or places of interest in children's lit. to which I should be making a
pilgrimage?  I'm sure I can persuade my other half to do a few detours!

I have just been re-reading "Brat Farrar" which seems to be full of names
pinched from Suffolk - they go to the Bures Show, and looking at the
roadmap, it seems that even Clare is a real village with a Clare Castle!  So
I will be doing a little Josephine Tey pilgrimage anyway.


(stressed out after having to rush pathetically-limping cat to the vet this
evening - it appears he has sprained his elbow, but not broken anything,
thank goodness!)

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