i am trying to run gitweb on windows, using active perl and iis 7.
after i have configured the gitweb.perl, i got this error "List form
of pipe open not implemented at gitweb.perl line 2432", and the code

sub git_get_last_activity {
        my ($path) = @_;
        my $fd;

        $git_dir = "$projectroot/$path";
        open($fd, "-|", git_cmd(), 'for-each-ref',
             'refs/heads') or return;
        my $most_recent = <$fd>;
        close $fd or return;
        if (defined $most_recent &&
            $most_recent =~ / (\d+) [-+][01]\d\d\d$/) {
                my $timestamp = $1;
                my $age = time - $timestamp;
                return ($age, age_string($age));
        return (undef, undef);

does the error means that the "-|", function is not implemented, or
there has something wrong with my configuration?

Best Regards,
David Shen


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