On 28/09/09 Xi Shen said:

> i do not have much knowledge with perl, but i did a little testing,
> and i think this proves that the "-|" pipeline works on windows:
> #test.perl
> my $fd;
> open($fd, "-|", "git", "branch") or die "bad";
> print <$fd>;
> then i run ???perl test.perl" under my git repo, and it prints the
> branches of the git repo correctly. maybe this function does not work
> if the perl is hosted in iis.

IIS shouldn't care.

As gitweb is obviously not working with activeperl I'm not sure what point
there is in continuing, unless you plan to submit a patch.

I'd find out where it's supported and use it there.

As -| forks, it would surprise me if it works on windows. There's a whole
Win32::Fork module just to simulate Unix forking on windows.


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