i do not have much knowledge with perl, but i did a little testing,
and i think this proves that the "-|" pipeline works on windows:

my $fd;

open($fd, "-|", "git", "branch") or die "bad";

print <$fd>;

then i run “perl test.perl" under my git repo, and it prints the
branches of the git repo correctly. maybe this function does not work
if the perl is hosted in iis.

On Mon, Sep 28, 2009 at 8:50 PM, Michael P. Soulier
<msoul...@digitaltorque.ca> wrote:
> On 28/09/09 Xi Shen said:
>> hi,
>> i am trying to run gitweb on windows, using active perl and iis 7.
>> after i have configured the gitweb.perl, i got this error "List form
>> of pipe open not implemented at gitweb.perl line 2432", and the code
>> is:
> Yeah, not surprising. You're on windows.
> If you install cygwin it will fake it.
> I like Git more than Mercurial, but Mercurial does have better win32 support
> overall, maybe you should try that.
> Or, grab a used PC and put Linux or FreeBSD on it.
> Or, just use gitk instead of gitweb. Depends on your needs.
> Or use git hosting online. Github is free for small projects.
> Mike

Best Regards,
David Shen


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