On Oct 19, 3:44 pm, Paulo Cassiano <pcassi...@gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm using Git temporarily in a Windows Vista machine and trying to
> comment my commits in portuguese, using accents, but my console
> doesn't show my comments properly...
> I've tried to change my console encoding from default to UTF-8 or to
> 1251(2), but the problem persist...
> How could I fix this?
For unknown reason Git was not made to work with user's locale
and it assumes you feed it with UTF-8 on any platform.
To make it use ISO-8859-1, which is used for Portuguese, as I
you have to manually set the "commit encoding" for your repository,
like this:

git config i18n.commitencoding iso-8859-1

This will match the Windows-1252 encoding which is supposedly the code
page for your locale. Setting i18n.commitencoding to "windows-1252"
should also work by the way.

Note that if you're sharing this repository with anyone else, they're
all supposed to perform the same configuration step on their local
copy of the repository, as now all commit messages will be encoded in

Refer to git-show man page for more details (run `git help show`).
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