I tryed to set the i18n as you ask me to do, but doesn't work... My
DOS prompt shows me characters like <E1><E7>... <F4> in the accents

Now I'll try to set a default editor. I hope this works for me.


On Oct 19, 12:49 pm, Konstantin Khomoutov <khomou...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Oct 19, 3:44 pm, Paulo Cassiano <pcassi...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > I'm using Git temporarily in a Windows Vista machine and trying to
> > comment my commits in portuguese, using accents, but my console
> > doesn't show my comments properly...
> > I've tried to change my console encoding from default to UTF-8 or to
> > 1251(2), but the problem persist...
> > How could I fix this?
> For unknown reason Git was not made to work with user's locale
> codeset,
> and it assumes you feed it with UTF-8 on any platform.
> To make it use ISO-8859-1, which is used for Portuguese, as I
> understand,
> you have to manually set the "commit encoding" for your repository,
> like this:
> git config i18n.commitencoding iso-8859-1
> This will match the Windows-1252 encoding which is supposedly the code
> page for your locale. Setting i18n.commitencoding to "windows-1252"
> should also work by the way.
> Note that if you're sharing this repository with anyone else, they're
> all supposed to perform the same configuration step on their local
> copy of the repository, as now all commit messages will be encoded in
> iso-8859-1.
> Refer to git-show man page for more details (run `git help show`).

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