On Oct 20, 3:50 pm, Paulo Cassiano <pcassi...@gmail.com> wrote:

> I tryed to set the i18n as you ask me to do, but doesn't work... My
> DOS prompt shows me characters like <E1><E7>... <F4> in the accents
> place...
> Now I'll try to set a default editor. I hope this works for me.

Oh, and there can also be a problem with `less`, if it's used as a
pager in the console. I use an old like dirt hack to make it have no
problems with Cyrillic characters -- creating the LESSCHARSET
environment variable set to "koi8-r". This won't work for you, so
probably try to employ another hack with setting pager=less -FRX as
Michael P. Soulier suggested earlier in this thread -- it might fix
your problem.
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