I have two different git repos for different uses, each of which has a
different ssh key. The initial account and ssh key that were setup
work fine, but when I try to use the other account and ssh key I get
denied and am told that permission for account 2 is denied for user of
account 1.

I have created a ~/.ssh/config file with the following:
Host *.github.com
  Hostname github.com
  User git

Host my_personal_account.github.com
  IdentityFile ~/.ssh/personal_rsa

Host my_work_account.github.com
  IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa

I must be missing something, because even when I remove the "Host
my_work_account .." section I get the same error message:

ERROR: Permission to my_personal_account/project_name denied to
fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

Thanks for any help.


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