I develop a website on my laptop, in a Git repository. On the staging server
(for testing) there is another repository. From time to time I push from the
development repository to the server repository, and then "git merge
dev/master" on the server.

I'm fairly new to Git, but this has worked well. But last night I must have
done something wrong (I'm sure it was "operator error") but in two minutes I
ended up with two blatantly different repositories, with both "the push" and
"the merge" saying "Up to date", even though the server still had older
versions of files.

That some trivial mistake by me could create this situation is faintly
alarming, but I'm really concerned with how to resolve it. To meet a
deadline, I ended up renaming the working directory on the server, and
creating a new directory with the old name and a new repository into which I
would push and merge. Fortunately there was nothing precious in the server

Can anyone advise on what I might have done to cause the problem, and how I
should resolve it if it ever happens again.


Roddie Grant


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