> > > Hi. I have some svn projects I want to join in a git big project.
> > Assuming you want to do the latter, I think git-subtree [1] can be of
> > help: as I understand, it allows you to "inject" a subtree to a bigger
> > project.
> Hi. I am unable to import a svn tree inside git using subtree. I don't
> know
> how to tell subtree where to download it and the documentation is too
> simple.
> I'm trying this and some many guesses more :
> git subtree add --prefix=projecthttp://server/repos/project
> fatal: Invalid object name 'http'.
> I'm not sure, I also tried to create an empty subtree and then use git
> svn
> somehow but I just can't:
> git subtree add --prefix=etc
> fatal: ambiguous argument 'HEAD': unknown revision or path not in the
> working tree.
> I guess I need to tell git subtree this is a svn subtree but I just
> don't know how.

Note that any Git repo can be cloned; local repositories residing on
your local filesystem are no exception; repos created using git-svn
are no exception, too.
So you can do this:
1) Create a local Git repo using git-svn;
2) Import it using git-subtree passing it the URL of the local Git
repo created at step (1) as /path/to/the/repo or file:///path/to/the/repo
(there's a subtle difference between them as the first one will
attempt to create hardlinks instead of copies, if possible, while the
second will not).

See the "GIT URLS" section in the git-clone manual page for more info.

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