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> > > > > Hi. I have some svn projects I want to join in a git big project.
> > > I guess I need to tell git subtree this is a svn subtree but I just
> > > don't know how.
> > Note that any Git repo can be cloned; local repositories residing on
> > your local filesystem are no exception; repos created using git-svn
> > are no exception, too.
> > So you can do this:
> > 1) Create a local Git repo using git-svn;
> > 2) Import it using git-subtree passing it the URL of the local Git
> > repo created at step (1) as /path/to/the/repo or file:///path/to/the/repo
> Hi I still can't manage to add a subtree.
> I cloned the repository, I tried two different ways:
> What am O missing ? it looks like git subtree

Well, let me just demonstrate a session involving `git svn` and `git
subtree` which I recorded minutes ago (Debian Lenny, stock Git 1.6.5,
Subversion 1.5.1): http://pastebin.com/xm8aKje4

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