On 19 Jul, 16:38, Konstantin Khomoutov <khomou...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Well, let me just demonstrate a session involving `git svn` and `git
> subtree` which I recorded minutes ago (Debian Lenny, stock Git 1.6.5,
> Subversion 1.5.1):http://pastebin.com/xm8aKje4

Hi, thank you very much. I tried following the session but I still get
in git subtree:

/tmp/apenwarr-git-subtree-d553db6/git-subtree add --prefix=bar /home/

  Error: Use --prefix instead of bare filenames.

Then I tried adding "master" just like you did in the example:

git-subtree add --prefix=bar /home/frankie/src/git/project/ master

   fatal: ambiguous argument 'master': unknown revision or path not in
the working tree.
Use '--' to separate paths from revisions

Then I tried file:// instead /path

git-subtree add --prefix=bar file:///home/frankie/src/git/project/

  fatal: Invalid object name 'file'.

( I tried file:// , file:///, all the same )

I downloaded the latest git-subtree from github. I have ubuntu with
git version  svn, version 1.6.6.

Any hints ?

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