Hi Graham,

I think you're saying, that you don't need to do any "git svn dcommit" in 
your git-svn clone. This sounds like the Git repo is a pure "read only 
mirror" of the Subversion project. Such a setup is quite straight-forward 
and won't give any problems.

However, as far as I understand, you want to do commits in the git repo, 
making a few differences compared to the state in subversion (so yes, like 
you say, it's a branch of the code in svn). In this case, the danger lies in 
the regular pain of branching: Over time as you do more commits on the git 
side, each "git svn rebase" will stack your git commits historically on top 
of the commits that come from the Subversion side. Over time, you'll get a 
large set of git-commits that have to be replayed on top of the subversion 
updates, and chances of getting conflicts will increase, making it more and 
more painful to keep the git repo in sync with the latest changes from 
subversion (this is the same problems you run into when trying to maintain 
two branches in parallel, I guess).

So, I'm still wondering if you really want to do what you want to do :)

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