> git branch mybranch remotes/origin/mybranch
> git co mybranch
> I had created the co alias for checkout and the upci alias.
> I tried this and modified a file followed by
> git commit -a -m "test file update"
> git upci
> It gave me an error message unable to determine upstream SVN
> information from HEAD history.
> Was there a step that I missed?

One note: I usually use git co -t origin/mybranch, so it is created as
a tracking branch.

This error message is very typical. It means that git-svn doesn't
recognize which commits come from SVN.

Usually you get this if the reference in .git/refs/remotes/[branch] is
missing or wrong.

It can also occur in some other situations that I can't remember from
the top of my head.

So it's hard to say. I would first step away from the "upci" alias for
a bit, and use the manual update-ref + dcommit commands again, just to
be sure that there's not a bug in the alias.

Do this:

git update-ref refs/remotes/[branch] refs/remotes/origin/[branch]

... followed by git svn dcommit.

If this still doesn't work, please post back here with the following
info, so I can make a more educated guess on what's wrong:

1. The output from git config -l
2. Log of the last few (say, 5) commits in SVN branch
3. Log of the last few commits in the git repo
4. Output from git remote show origin

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