Just for orientation, me and Sabba are sparring about how to setup and use a 
Git-SVN mirror. More details (explaining 'upci' and more)  can be found 
here: http://blog.tfnico.com/2010/11/git-svn-mirror-for-multiple-branches.html

On Wednesday, March 30, 2011 12:25:50 AM UTC+2, Sabba Hillel wrote:
> In running a "git upci" on a particular file, it has been updated in 
> the svn repository but not yet picked up by the git svn "fetch" 
> repository or put into the git repository. 
> Running git upci (update-ref and dcommit) I get an error message from 
> dcommit. 
> Commiting to svn repo/README.txt 
> Merge conflict during commit: File or directory 'README.txt is out of 
> date; try updating: The version resource does not correspond to the 
> resource within the transaction ... 
> I had updated the file with a git pull and the automerge was 
> successful. I have identified the lines that were changed within svn 
> and also the lines committed from within git. What do I do now? 
> Should I issue a git push from my local git to the git repository 
> followed bu a git svn dcommit and then a git svn rebase and git push 
> from the fetch repository? 
No, you must never ever push to the bare git repository, nor the fetching 
repo. These should only contain commits fetched from SVN (identifiable by 
the git-svn information in the commits), something like:

<commit msg>

git-svn-id: https://scm.company.com/svn/project@123 

The workflow goes like this:

1. Work work work, commit locally
2. git pull --rebase
3. git upci 

If this doesn't work, something has gone wrong on the way. Please post back 
with a more detailed overview of what you do in the exact order to recreate 
the problem.

Note that apart from the local commits you do before an "upci", all the 
commits in your repository should have the git-svn information.

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