"Someone else does a commit to the svn repository of a change to README.txt"

Is the above commit properly rebased into your local repository before you 
do the upci?

Also, try again to do the manual git update-ref and git svn dcommit instead 
of using the "upci" alias. Could be that there is something wrong in the 
alias again.

If you look in gitk, you should see that your local branch is a bit ahead of 
the remotes/origin/branchname.

After doing the update-ref, the remotes/origin/branchname should be moved to 
the last commit that came from the bare repo (i.e. the last svn commit).

The reason we have to do this is that when we pull in changes from our 
git-svn mirror, we don't automatically update our local git-svn pointer to 
the latest commit that came from SVN. This is why we have to do the 
 update-ref step (or "upci") before we dcommit. I suspect that in your 
setup, something is going wrong in this step.

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