You are right with one clarification: The svn repository must be set up to 
trigger a rebase in the fetching repository upon committing.

I've found the best way to do this is to have a svn post-commit hook that 
triggers a job that does this (git svn rebase/fetch + push to bare repo). It 
is also good if this job does some kind of mail notification, so that you 
can see what happens. Personally, I use a Jenkins/Hudson job for this.

So to be clear: In order to a dcommit - you must have the latest SVN 
revision in your local repository. 

(Normal git-svn users usually achieve this by doing git svn rebase before 
they do git svn dcommit - but with this git-svn-mirror setup, we have to get 
the latest commit through the fetching+bare repo.)

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