Im new to git :)

I have a repo which I have exposed via http at
git_repo/InAJiffy/ so that other who need to access it via http have a
way to get to it

Now I am able to clone the git repo locally (without http) and also
via http

# clone over http
git clone IAJ1
# clone locally on the same m/c
git clone git_repo/InAJiffy/ IAJ2

Now strangely enough all my new changes are there in the clone done
locally - but the clone over http seems to be an old one

# git branch shows master in both places
$ git branch
* master

# git log shows diff stuff in both places
Its obvious that the http clone is an older version. I can see that
git log --stat is very diff for both

Please help !!! Im confused
1. Why are the 2 cloned repos different
2. How can I tell the clone over http command to get the same stuff as
the clone done locally

Thanks a ton in advance

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