On 11/04/2011 1:15 pm, Mohith Thimmaiah wrote:
Im new to git :)

I have a repo which I have exposed via http at careerinsight.org/
git_repo/InAJiffy/ so that other who need to access it via http have a
way to get to it

Now I am able to clone the git repo locally (without http) and also
via http

Now strangely enough all my new changes are there in the clone done
locally - but the clone over http seems to be an old one

Please help !!! Im confused
1. Why are the 2 cloned repos different
> 2. How can I tell the clone over http command to get the same stuff as
> the clone done locally

Take a look at [1] and [2].

When you clone (or fetch) a repository over the git protocol, a program on your computer (git-fetch-pack) and a similar one on the server (git-upload-pack) coordinate to figure out exactly what commits (roughly speaking) needs to be sent to you.

HTTP, however, is a "dumb" protocol, meaning that this approach cannot be taken. Therefore, some auxiliary files need to be present on the server, to allow your client to figure out what commits it needs to request.

These files aren't generated by default -- you need to run git update-server-info after every commit in order to generate them. Have a look at the default post-update hook for an easy way to do this.

In your case, it looks like the auxiliary files are out of date, meaning that a fetch over HTTP won't fetch any commits since the auxiliary files were created.

Hope this solves your problem,

[1]: http://progit.org/book/ch4-1.html#the_https_protocol
[2]: http://progit.org/book/ch4-5.html

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