Carsten Fuchs  wrote in message : 
>> and transform them into having the 
>> structure you want. See the man page for filter-branch, there's an 
example for "/To move 
>> the whole tree into a subdirectory/". 
> Ahh!! Thank you very much! 
> That was the crucial step that I was missing before! 
Hi Carsten, 
if I have understood your problem correctly, it looks like the git subtree 
script could help you a lot. It is in the contrib folder of the git source 
code, and you can also find it in github: 
Quoting the doc: 
Subtrees allow subprojects to be included within a subdirectory 
of the main project, optionally including the subproject's 
entire history. 
For example, you could include the source code for a library 
as a subdirectory of your application. 
This script is a wrapper around the subtree merge strategy, which is 
explained here 

> But I'll try now, and report how it went. With the hand-work involved, it 
> will probably take me a few days to finish, though. 
Unfortunately, the above proposition will only help you track vendor 
branches after you have done the conversion, but not in the conversion 
itself. For that it looks like you'll have to use graft (personally I would 
use git filter-branch to rewrite the commits), and I don't know how easily 
scriptable this will be. 

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