Am 2012-10-10 08:02, schrieb Thomas Ferris Nicolaisen:
One repo should have one versioning scheme. Think about tagging. You want to 
versions of lua "1.0", "1.1", and so on. If you keep a lot of products in one 
repo, it will be filled with tags of different versioning schemes like "lua-1.0,
zlib-5.3" and so on. This works as well, of course, but it doesn't feel "clean".
Separation of concerns and all that.

Well, I use tags not only strictly for versioning, but also for attaching generic labels to commits.

That is, in the *vendor* branch, my tags (in the verbose form) simply express something like:
  "From this commit on, we use (or rather 'start using') lua 5.2".

Next commit tag in vendor branch might maybe express:
  "From this commit on, we use (or rather 'start using') wxwidgets 2.9.12".

That's all. No tag is expected to give an exhaustive list of the version of 

Thanks for your help, I'm currently working on implementing it!

Best regards,

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