Carsten Fuchs  wrote in message: 
> However, having to convert an existing repository from Subversion, where 
I ultimatively  
> need grafting to reproduce the proper branching structure, the conversion 
reduces to the  
> question: 
>     "Can I combine grafting with the subtree merging strategy?" 
> That is, when I write the .git/info/grafts file, can I have some of the 
merges be done  
> with the subtree strategy? 
Actually, I don't think you need to make 'grafting mergs done with the 
subtree strategy'. When you use grafts, you change the parent of the 
commits, but you don't change the snapshot of the repository corresponding 
with the commit. Let's say  you had this situation:  
trunk/ExtLibs/lua1  corresponding to commit A on branch master in the git 
Now you update the vendor lua: 
vendor/lua2, corresponding to commit B on branch vendor 
Then you did the svn merge to get 
trunk/ExtLibs/lua2 corresponding to commit C on branch master. 
Note that using svn, you did a sort of subtree merge, so that commit C has 
the right content, the only problem is that the parent of C is A, not A and 
B. So you use a graft to add B as a parent of C, but it won't change the 
content of C, so in the git side it will look exactly as if you had done a 
subtree merge too (git only store the result of the merge, now how it was 
In your preceding posts, you said that if you had put the vendor branches 
vendor/ExtLibs/lua1 you knew how to do it using grafts. My point is that 
1) you can use git-filter to make it looks like the vendor branches were 
   always in vendor/ExtLibs/* 
2) You don't need to do that anyway, just graft the right commit in branch 
   vendors and things will work 
   (by the way there is a tool called git replace which can replace any 
   objects, not just commits like grafts do, so you can do funny things 
   with it, but i don't think you will need it) 

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