Thanks for the details, and your patience.
I think I'm going to have to read the manual and digest way more of it 
before I stop asking simple questions.

Given that changes were merged to and from master to PWBs, will deleting 
the latter alter the contents of the former?\


On Monday, November 26, 2012 10:06:35 AM UTC-5, Jeffrey Marans wrote:
> I've done a cvs2git conversion of a number of cvs modules and was unable 
> to exclude the private working branches, PWB*.
> I'd like to delete them from the git repos and have tried the following, 
> but the branches live on regardless of the output messages.
> By that I mean if I clone another instance of test, the branches still 
> show up on the origin server.
> mkdir test
> cd test
> git clone git@git:/git/gitroot/oacis/test
> cd test
> git branch -r | grep PWB
>   origin/PWB1
>   origin/PWB10
>   origin/PWB2
>   origin/PWB3
>   origin/PWB4
>   origin/PWB5
>   origin/PWB6
>   origin/PWB7
>   origin/PWB8
>   origin/PWB9
> for i in `git branch -r | grep PWB`;do git branch -rD $i;done
> Deleted remote branch origin/PWB1 (was 4e34650).
> Deleted remote branch origin/PWB10 (was 2992912).
> Deleted remote branch origin/PWB2 (was b9126e8).
> Deleted remote branch origin/PWB3 (was e48d2d1).
> Deleted remote branch origin/PWB4 (was 32c90f3).
> Deleted remote branch origin/PWB5 (was 234f826).
> Deleted remote branch origin/PWB6 (was 72409ca).
> Deleted remote branch origin/PWB7 (was 234f826).
> Deleted remote branch origin/PWB8 (was e30b526).
> Deleted remote branch origin/PWB9 (was a8ab921).


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