On Monday, November 26, 2012 10:06:35 AM UTC-5, Jeffrey Marans wrote:
> I've done a cvs2git conversion of a number of cvs modules and was unable 
> to exclude the private working branches, PWB*.
> I'd like to delete them from the git repos and have tried the following, 
> but the branches live on regardless of the output messages.
> By that I mean if I clone another instance of test, the branches still 
> show up on the origin server.
> mkdir test
> cd test
> git clone git@git:/git/gitroot/oacis/test
> cd test
> git branch -r | grep PWB
>   origin/PWB1
>   origin/PWB10
>   origin/PWB2
>   origin/PWB3
>   origin/PWB4
>   origin/PWB5
>   origin/PWB6
>   origin/PWB7
>   origin/PWB8
>   origin/PWB9
> for i in `git branch -r | grep PWB`;do git branch -rD $i;done
> Deleted remote branch origin/PWB1 (was 4e34650).
> Deleted remote branch origin/PWB10 (was 2992912).
> Deleted remote branch origin/PWB2 (was b9126e8).
> Deleted remote branch origin/PWB3 (was e48d2d1).
> Deleted remote branch origin/PWB4 (was 32c90f3).
> Deleted remote branch origin/PWB5 (was 234f826).
> Deleted remote branch origin/PWB6 (was 72409ca).
> Deleted remote branch origin/PWB7 (was 234f826).
> Deleted remote branch origin/PWB8 (was e30b526).
> Deleted remote branch origin/PWB9 (was a8ab921).

The for loop above is the only deletion method that seems to work, and 
that's just fine.
The process here has been to merge to a PWB, solve the bug, then merge back 
to Main or a release branch.
I think the logs will capture the merge back, so no worries about orphaned 
Thanks for the tips, you've saved me days, if not weeks, of searching.


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