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> Thanks for the details, and your patience.
> I think I'm going to have to read the manual

Unfortunately, the manual is, well, a reference.  It means it is
*precise* but is as fun to read as a judge's ruling, and this means
people naturally tend to skim over certain bits which might turn out to
be useful.  So it's advised to first read a book and/or a number of
HOWTOs and the like, which are way more fun to read.

Digesting a manual page then becomes simpler as you're reading what you
already know and so you're able to pay attention to the details which
would stand out naturally when reading.

> and digest way more of it before I stop asking simple questions.
> Given that changes were merged to and from master to PWBs, will deleting 
> the latter alter the contents of the former?\

Branches and tags are just symbolic references so deleting them does not
touch the objects they point to.
*But* one think to be aware of: a piece of history might become
unreachable when you delete a symbolic link to its tip, and there's
nothing else in the repository (such as a commit) which references that
same tip; in this case this unreachable piece will eventually be
garbage-collected and thus deleted.

In simpler words, if one of your PWBn braches has something not merged
to somewhere else, deleting it will make you lose that unmerged history.

The `git branch -d` command actually fails to proceed unless the history
of the branch you're attempting to delete is contained in some other
reachable history, forcing you to pass `git branch` the -D option
instead.  So if in the repo you used to do the conversions, your PWBn
branches have been happily deleted with just "-d", everything is okay so


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