I can't help with this, but I can't help wondering why you want to run git 
on an arbitrary machine. Also, do you mean on a host running Windows, 
Linux, one of the *BSD's? You can't have a git which will run regardless of 
the host OS. Of course, you might be able to have a Windows git in one 
subdirectory, Linux in another, FreeBSD in another, and so on. I guess that 
would be on a Flash drive, perhaps partitioned  with one partition per OS, 
or maybe just a VFAT partition (<blech>).

I just can't figure out why you need to have git on a machine 
"temporarily". Likely due to lack of imagination on my part.

On Sunday, December 30, 2012 9:01:24 AM UTC-6, Gabby Romano wrote:
> hi all - does anyone know where I can fine a portable version of Git for 
> Linux so no install is needed (yum or anything) ? 
> Thanks.


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