Thanks. I guess it does, if you are install jenkins on a system to which 
you are not root. Have you considered, on your "base" system, something 

cd ~
git clone
cd git
make configure
./configure --prefix=/jenkins/subdirectory/git #change as needed
mkdir -p /jenkins/subdirectory/git
make all doc #from INSTALL file doc
make install install-doc install-html
cd /jenkins/subdirectory
zip git

to install:

cd /jenkins/subdirectory
rm -rf git #remove old git files - needed?
unzip /path/to/

I don't really know if you need to change environment variables such as 
PATH and LIBPATH on the execution systems. I am not sure, but I would guess 
that the "/jenkins/subdirectory" will need to be the same on all slaves, so 
that git will know where it was installed. I don't know if that path is 
"hard coded" some how into the execution programs.

Hopefully if I did something outrageously wrong, one of the 
more knowledgeable people, such as Konstantin, will indicate where I went 

On Sunday, December 30, 2012 9:01:24 AM UTC-6, Gabby Romano wrote:
> hi all - does anyone know where I can fine a portable version of Git for 
> Linux so no install is needed (yum or anything) ? 
> Thanks.


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