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> Hi
> this might be considered slightly OT, but I am looking for a diff tool do 
> compare docx files under

A docx file is actually a zip-file with many plain text files inside
so after unzip docx files, you should be able to use your
normal diff tools like sdiff.

$ unzip GartnerMobileDevMgtInfo.docx
Archive:  GartnerMobileDevMgtInfo.docx
  inflating: [Content_Types].xml
  inflating: _rels/.rels
  inflating: word/_rels/document.xml.rels
  inflating: word/document.xml
  inflating: word/endnotes.xml
  inflating: word/footnotes.xml
  inflating: word/footer1.xml
 extracting: word/media/image8.gif
 extracting: word/media/image1.png
 extracting: word/media/image6.gif
 extracting: word/media/image9.gif
 extracting: word/media/image10.gif
  inflating: word/theme/theme1.xml
 extracting: word/media/image5.gif
 extracting: word/media/image7.gif
 extracting: word/media/image3.gif
 extracting: word/media/image2.gif
 extracting: word/media/image4.gif
  inflating: word/settings.xml
  inflating: word/webSettings.xml
  inflating: customXml/itemProps1.xml
  inflating: word/_rels/numbering.xml.rels
  inflating: word/numbering.xml
  inflating: customXml/_rels/item1.xml.rels
  inflating: docProps/core.xml
  inflating: customXml/item1.xml
  inflating: word/styles.xml
  inflating: word/fontTable.xml
  inflating: word/stylesWithEffects.xml
  inflating: docProps/app.xml

Or even add these files to git and let git do the diff ?!


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