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Rainer M Krug <r.m.k...@gmail.com> wrote:

> >> Thanks - that looks like a solution. But do you have any
> >> suggestions, how I can convert docx to txt? I found a few tools to
> >> do this for doc, but none for docx?
> > 
> > One idea is to use batch conversion provided by OpenOffice /
> > LibreOffice
> True - haven't thought about that, but the last time I used it, irt
> was quite slow. But I will try.
> Additional thought: could I define a diff tool, so that the two docx
> are actually compared in e.g. LibreOffice?

Defining a custom "diff program" for Git is not hard -- see the
git-difftool manual [1].  The idea is that you set a bunch of the
difftool.docx.* configuration variables and then call
`git difftool --gui --tool docx <this> <that>`.
The rest is writing a script (or a full-blown program) that will be
called with two file names and then do something with them (say, pass
them somehow to LibreOffice so that it does diffing).

1. http://www.kernel.org/pub/software/scm/git/docs/git-difftool.html

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