On Wednesday, March 20, 2013 7:34:18 PM UTC+1, Ashutosh Kumar wrote:
> Hi,
> I am working on removing big file from my git repo and its history as 
> well. But i am facing one issue ..
> here is my scenario
> 1. Create a repo
> 2. Commit and push a big file
> 3. Clone the repo in to test_clone1
> 4. Clone the repo in to test_clone2
> 5. Remove the big file’s history (commit and push) in test_clone1
I'm guessing you do this with filter-branch right?

> 6. Commit and push a test file in test_clone2
Here is the problem. Before you could push with test_clone2 you probably 
had to pull first. Because the latest commit ID's did not match (because of 
filter-branch), the 2 commits are merged together. And presto, the big-file 
is merged back. Now push, and the big-file is back in the upstream branch.

This can be avoided, but you have to do that manually in every repo that 
has the big file cloned. Do as follows:
Fetch the upstream changes (git fetch) (so you get the upstream branch 
without the big file)
Reset the current branch to the upstream branch (git reset --hard 

When there were already changes made that needed to be pushed, you have to 
cherry-pick those changes. The easyest way to do this is via the gui.
gitk HEAD@{1}
Right-click a change to be cherry-picked, and select cherry-pick.

When done, you can push again. And repeat the steps for every clone.

7. Clone the repo in to test_clone3 — I believe the big file’s history will 
> have come back.
Yep, its been merged in by test_clone2

> Do you have any idea, what we can do to neglect this issue if that git 
> repo is using by many users?
For many users you have to tell them what to do to get rid of the big file. 
Or hand them a script that could do it for them.

Good luck! 

> Thanks,
> Ashutosh.

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