Another way you might have a chance of getting rid of the big file:

- Do a filter-branch (to get rid of big file)
- Create a helper branch
- Reset it to the place where the big file was first committed (I mean, not 
before that commit, but right on it)
- Now create a dummy empty file with the same name as the big file
- git commit --amend -C HEAD
- switch back to the original branch
- rebase on the helper-branch (git rebase helper)
- push

What you have done now is that the big file in the tree is replaced by an 
empty file. Other users who now try to pull, get a merge conflict. You have 
to tell them to for once do a 
git pull --rebase -srecursive -Xtheirs
Please test this all first, because I'm not sure whether this will work.

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