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  Sent: Monday, June 17, 2013 5:55 PM
  Subject: Re: [git-users] Submodule tracking remote master shows modified on 
super project git status after submodule update --remote


  None one knows how to make Git >=1.8.2 not show submodule as modified if it 
is at exactly at specified at .gitmodules "branch"?

  Otherwise "git submodule update --init --remote" always make Git show module 
as modified if the branch gets updated upstream :(


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  Wiadomość napisana przez Adam Strzelecki <> w dniu 13 
cze 2013, o godz. 23:41:

    In my superproject I have two submodules and I want them to track always 
master master. Using Git 1.8.2.

    So I've added "branch = master" to .gitmodules and using git submodule 
update --remote to pull always recent master.

    However everytime submodule master is updated, running superproject git 
status or diff shows its recorded sha1 has changed.

    This doesn't make sense since I am tracking master? Shouldn't it show it 
has changed only when submodule HEAD is not the branch recorded in my 
superproject's .gitmodules ??

I am not sure I understood your question / situation. 

You said "everytime submodule master is updated, running superproject git 
status or diff shows its recorded sha1 has changed."
The super project 'git status' will tell you if any of it's parts have been 
changed, and that includes, the status of the sub-directories that are 
sub-modules - and you just said that it had been updated. Did you mean that? Or 
did you mean somehow that the submodule master had not been updated.

The sub-module concept is designed for slow moving libraries that change very 
rarely so that you should not see such changes. 

However using them for fast moving sub-contributions does appear to cause a lot 
of people difficulty, until they can get their head around what should change, 
and what should stay the same.

Importantly, sub-modules are "never" on a branch, they are (normally) checked 
out at a specific commit (remember the bit about fixed libraries), so that may 
be part of your problems - It takes a bit to get though all the manual pages 
and even then, understanding doesn't always convert to a useful working 
practice....  [aside: I still battle the msysgit/git sub-module structure]


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