> The super project 'git status' will tell you if any of it's parts have been 
> changed, and that includes, the status of the sub-directories that are 
> sub-modules - and you just said that it had been updated.

Yes they were updated, but their HEAD still is equal to what .gitmodule 
"branch" is set to. I would expect it didn't show any modifications then, 
unless submodule header != .gitmodule "branch".

> Importantly, sub-modules are "never" on a branch, they are (normally) checked 
> out at a specific commit (remember the bit about fixed libraries), so that 
> may be part of your problems - It takes a bit to get though all the manual 
> pages and even then, understanding doesn't always convert to a useful working 
> practice....  [aside: I still battle the msysgit/git sub-module structure]

So it makes "branch" setting introduced in Git 1.8.2 just a hint for git 
submodule update --remote, and nothing more (unfortunately), right?

Then well this isn't really useful if I need to manually update submodule 
tracked SHA1 anyway whenever branch gets updated :(

Adam Strzelecki | nanoant.com | twitter.com/nanoant

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