I'm having difficulty understanding how I should use git when I have 
multiple independent changes in a project. I have a local git repository 
for various windows & linux machines and I work on different parts of the 
project on different machines. The situation I have is that I am part way 
through some changes on one part of the project. On the same machine, I 
have made some quick changes to another part of the project and I would 
like to commit those changes and push them to the origin, _without_ having 
to commit the other changes that I am still working on. Surprisingly, I 
don't seem to be able to do this with git.

- I can commit the completed changes without committing the uncompleted 
changes ok.

- If I try to push the changes, git complains that I have unstaged changes 
and I should do a local merge.

- I can't even seem do a local merge without pulling other changes from the 

So now I've ended up with part-finished changes on the master. Not what I 

What should I be doing here?

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