Just to be clear:

- I am not using github
- I have set up a git server on a local machine. It works fine.
- I have a single repository on the server. 
- There are currently 5 clients (mix of windows, linux and osx)

Thanks for the suggestions but they do seem to be quite complex given that 
this surely must be a common situation. I'm much more used to subversion 
where it's completely under the control of the user which files are checked 
in to the repository. 

Am I doing the wrong thing by having a single working directory on the 
client? I did it that way because I have a lot of projects that are 
dependent on a common set of libraries. So I'm treating the entire database 
as a single mega project.

I just feel I'm using git in the wrong way. All the tutorials I can find 
concentrate on simple examples so it's difficult to know.

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