thank you all very much for your responses....  this is the first time I'm 
back on Usenet in a long time... it had become practically unusable b/c of 
the spam, but I see that google got its act together here, and has somehow 
managed to deal with the spam...;-)  this is good to know...

yes, I see that I have to commit changes before switching branches in order 
for the changes to NOT show up in branch master....

to me personally this doesn't matter, I work in my localhost, and just want 
the changes to be visible that I want to push at that moment...  so I guess 
all I have to do is stage & commit, then switch to the branch for the 
changes I want to push at that moment, and push...  does this make sense? 
 it's the first time I'm using git for my personal stuff...

but I imagine in other situations, to have to commit every time before 
switching branches is weird... what if you haven't finished work on a 
branch and need to switch branches to take care of another problem, but 
don't want to commit what you just did because, well, you're not ready to 
commit?  ;-)

I mean scenario described here,
on very first section, near the top of this page...

(they never said you'd have to commit every time you switch branches.....;-)

thank you very much....

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