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> On Sun, 20 Oct 2013 19:34:32 +0200 
> Magnus Therning <mag...@therning.org <javascript:>> wrote: 
> [...] 
> > Well, many of the issues you mention can be solved by using a build 
> > system that can take advantage of a shared cache of build objects. 
> > Connect a CI system that builds each branch regularly and you can 
> > largely get around those large local re-builds. 
> Also may be the OP could look at tools like [1] and [2]. 

My system is written in Java.  Java web services use classes for the web 
services, and classes to represent the input and output data.  Sometimes 
the input and/or output data can be a list - thus more classes.  On top of 
this, the Java build process for web services auto-generates all sorts of 
additional, support classes for each web method.  This model, not invented 
by me, is certainly class happy.

If I change a branch that doesn't have a particular web service, I am left 
with all of the class files (object files for C people) plus all the 
generated java files (think lex and yacc for the C people) for that web 


> 1. https://code.google.com/p/distcc/ 
> 2. http://ccache.samba.org/ 

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