I am sure this can be done.  The problem is:

1.  It would be a complex setup and may require a lot of maintenance to 
keep up to date

2.  It would add a whole new potential bug element.  In other words, if the 
setup, or how it worked, had a problem, you'd have something to debug that 
would never have existed without attempting to add the ability to switch 
branches.  You wouldn't even know that that was the problem until you got 
far enough in the debug process.  

So, while if this system were perfect it would be a good feature, in 
practice it would just add an additional failure point.



On Monday, October 21, 2013 9:38:59 AM UTC-5, Dale Worley wrote:
> > From: Blake McBride <blak...@gmail.com <javascript:>> 
> > Not sure what you mean about designed well, but in order to switch 
> branches 
> > without having to do a full rebuild would involve: 
> > 
> > [lots of stuff] 
> I believe there are commercial systems that do this.  They keep track 
> of the derived files and what source files they depend on.  Then when 
> you switch branches, they know everything that has to be deleted, 
> etc. to get the state of the build tree right. 
> Dale 

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