On Thu, 31 Oct 2013 10:03:25 +0000
Roddie Grant <gitl...@myword.co.uk> wrote:

> I have a file on my web server which BBedit shows as UTF-8. It
> includes proper "curly" apostophes and quotation marks.
> When I do git diff in Terminal I get output like:
> -<p><E2><80><9C>SurfexPlus<E2><80><9D> is OCCA<E2><80><99>s
> biennial...
> Does this matter? It's a bit of a distraction visually, so is there a 
> sensible way to avoid it?

Care to tell us which OS is that?  I have a vague idea this might be
Mac OS (if "Terminal" has its "T" capitalized on purpose).

Another question: do you see this in a pager or plainly rendered by the
terminal emulator?  You can easily tell that: if after showing a diff
you're prompted (at the bottom) to scroll or exit or whatever, you're
facing a pager running, and if you just see a command prompt no pager
has been run.

Another question (if this really happens on a Mac): what does `locale`
run in that terminal emulator tell to you?  Supposedly you should see
something mentioning UTF-8 there, not just "C", and this should be
either in LC_MESSAGES or LANG or LANGUAGE (I dunno which one applies to
Darwin environment).  Plain "C" locale means the software should do no
interpretation of bytes it jiggles at all while UTF-8 means whatever
text it processed should be interpreted as UTF-8 byte sequences unless
explicitly stated otherwise.

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