On 31/10/2013 12:00, Konstantin Khomoutov wrote:
On Thu, 31 Oct 2013 10:51:11 +0000
Roddie Grant <gitl...@myword.co.uk> wrote:

When I do git diff in Terminal I get output like:
-<p><E2><80><9C>SurfexPlus<E2><80><9D> is OCCA<E2><80><99>s
Care to tell us which OS is that?
Another question: do you see this in a pager or plainly rendered by
the terminal emulator?
Another question (if this really happens on a Mac): what does
`locale` run in that terminal emulator tell to you?
I'm definitely out of my depth here :-( but the answers are the
webserver is Linux (CentOS Linux 4.9), and I'm using my MacBook
(10.6.8) to connect to it with ssh.

There is a pager running in the Mac Terminal app. I usually get ":"
(which means hit spacebar to scroll) or "END".


This is of no relevance to your problem: Git generates and shows you the
diff on your local machine, the server is not involved with this in any


OK, now let's try a couple of things:

1) If you run `git diff --no-pager ...` so that the output goes plainly
    into the hands of Terminal and rendered by it directly, do you see
    those non-ASCII characters OK?

    If this works for you, `less` is the culprit so read on.

2) Try setting the LESSCHARSET environment variable to "utf-8".
    You can do this for the current Terminal session by executing

    export LESSCHARSET=utf-8

    in it before running any `git diff` command.


3) Try playing with the LESS environment variable (which, if exists,
    contains a set of command-line options for `less` to consume as if
    they vere explicitly passed to it).  The command-line option of
    interest are "-R" (better) or "-r" (worse).  Also "-X" might be of
    relevance (though I doubt it).

Thanks for all your help; it is much appreciated.

For the record, I had to use 'git --no-pager diff' rather 'git diff --no-pager'. It solved the problem, but I was connected to the server.

Using 'setenv LESSCHARSET utf-8' works, but only when I've ssh-ed to the remote web server. Making it persistent in Terminal (on the local Mac) has no effect. But if I connect to the server, then do 'setenv LESSCHARSET utf-8' before running git diff, I get the proper apostrophes etc.

I've added 'setenv LESSCHARSET utf-8' to my .tcshrc file on the web server and all is well.

Many thanks


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