You are completely right. Fortunately for me, I only want to keep up with 
the changes, so I only need to pull , not push. So my initial
git pull --depth 1 <origin> was fine. Worked for years. It was only when I 
got involved in a sub-project that I added another users' topic, *without 
having enough background in Git *that things went wrong.

As regards all the tags and branches ag fg/fgdata, as long as I stick to 
master I am fine.

I will never add a topic branch again without doing much more training in 
Git. It is not a quick-quick task to add a branch. And then think that 
*checkout* just means go to the other branch. IT DOESN'T!!!

When I work on that topic again, it must be in a totally 
isolated/individual repository. The experts can then make it a part of 

But at the moment I am happy. I changed config.origin from to git:// and did
git fetch
git reset --hard origin/master
and now everything works again.

(mostly the other tags/branches are just version numbering of releases. 
What I get with a pull is the branch *next*, which is the bleeding edge 

Thanks again for all the help. If there is way to mark the topic as solved, 
please do so - I can't see how.

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