Glad to hear that you are on the now right track and making progress.

Don't let your initial fumble with branches cloud your judgement. Git takes a 
little time to get used to, and get your head around. 

It is hard to appreciate how bad some of our historic custom and practice 
methods are/were, and why they were that way. Computers are a whole new 
paradigm for 'configuration mamagement' with zero cost, easy replication, and 
transmission, of data. Most of the current configuration management practices 
(even for software) were developed before the Titanic was built. Those CM 
practices drove the industrial revolution (via drawing office practices and 
'blue' prints), but are now outdated for IT data (they are still valid for 
physical items without perfect replication).

Do note that if you have a look at that graph page you can see short side 
branches being merged back into master, so they can be useful ;-)

Anyway, I'll consider the problem solved. Glad to have helped.

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  You are completely right. Fortunately for me, I only want to keep up with the 
changes, so I only need to pull , not push. So my initial
  git pull --depth 1 <origin> was fine. Worked for years. It was only when I 
got involved in a sub-project that I added another users' topic, without having 
enough background in Git that things went wrong.

  As regards all the tags and branches ag fg/fgdata, as long as I stick to 
master I am fine.

  I will never add a topic branch again without doing much more training in 
Git. It is not a quick-quick task to add a branch. And then think that checkout 
just means go to the other branch. IT DOESN'T!!!

  When I work on that topic again, it must be in a totally isolated/individual 
repository. The experts can then make it a part of master.

  But at the moment I am happy. I changed config.origin from to git:// and did
  git fetch
  git reset --hard origin/master
  and now everything works again.

  (mostly the other tags/branches are just version numbering of releases. What 
I get with a pull is the branch next, which is the bleeding edge version.

  Thanks again for all the help. If there is way to mark the topic as solved, 
please do so - I can't see how.

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