Hi sir /madam,
                         I have git remote repository for my project work, 
i cloned that from system 1, edited some file called examle.java and then i 
added it to stag area, then commited, then push the sam to repository again.

                         From another system im doing push to the same 
repository, i could not done that, so first i pull then i see its merging 
files automatically, and writing some comments to the file ( these comments 
i dont want). how to disable these comments.

example : this is the merged file (example.java)
<<<<<<< HEAD
srinu adding
>>>>>>> 7fcbc9a0af87e764f3529cdb3ec9858441218823

i dont want these " <<<<<<< HEAD , =======, >>>>>>> 
7fcbc9a0af87e764f3529cdb3ec9858441218823 " comments.

Due to these comments i couldnt able to compile my java code.

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