On Wednesday, April 16, 2014 5:38:59 PM UTC+2, iand...@gmail.com wrote:
> Hello All
> I installed GIT (Git-1.9.2-preview20140411.exe and 
> TortoiseGit- on Windows 7 enterprise and I am not able 
> to see the Git clone icon displayed on explorer. See picture below.
If you can't see the attachment, it's available 

> I wonder if anyone has seen this issue before in the installation process. 
I assume you are looking for something in Git for Windows' Explorer 
extension (Git-Cheetah, as it is called).

Looking at what I think is the source of this menu, I can't find anything 
that looks like Git 

Are you sure there's supposed to be a Git Clone in that menu?

If you want to clone using TortoiseGit, you have to activate the 
TortoiseGit sub-menu.

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