I have a working copy of my repo, which has recently be added a new 
submodule, being on the same server and specified as a relative URL 

On this working copy, however, git submodule doesn't use the origin's URL 
to resolve the absolute submodule URL:

$ git remote -v | grep origin
origin  chbrosso@lltech:/git/lightct.git (fetch)
origin  chbrosso@lltech:/git/lightct.git (push)

$ git submodule
-8dc3fb5d374d5510d6f0f5cb8a1ec27a4feeeb9c motors

$ git submodule init motors
Submodule 'motors' (chbrosso@lltech:~/prog/git/motors.git) registered for 
path 'motors'

$ cat .gitmodules
[submodule "motors"]
        path = motors
        url = ../motors.git
        branch = master

Notice the URL given at submodule init, different than origin.
chbrosso@lltech:~/prog/git is the default remote of the current branch, but 
according to the documentation of git-submodule it should use origin, not 
this remote!

 Git (version 1.9.2-preview20140411)

Thanks for your help,

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