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  Subject: [git-users] no .git folder when creating new repository

     I down loaded the Git Windows version 1.9.4 and gave my name and
email at bash and  come back to Git GUI to create new repository.I
cant see any .git folder in the newly created folder on my desktop.

  just wondering why its happening ..I tried couple of time
uninstalling and stalling git back but its the same .
  please help in this regard.
Have you set your system to show 'hidden files and folders'?

Any file or folder (in windows) that begins with a dot is by default
a hidden file/folder.

This is not correct: Windows does not have a convention of hiding
anything based on the names -- what it has, but only in one particular
piece of software -- Windows Explorer -- which is "the shell"
responsible, among other things, for browsing files, is hiding by
default the predefined set of "system" paths
Yes, I find most folk in my company tend to use it as the sole file browser.

as well as hiding
extensions of files of "registered types" (my pet target for bashing
default settings on this class of OSes).

The reason the OP can't see
the ".git" subdirectory is Git explicitly setting the attribute "hidden"
on that directory after creating it; to demonstrate:

I'd forgotten that bit of intricate detail - also you can't create either a directory nor file (in Windows Explorer) that begins with a dot anyway (even though it's valid)

C:\tmp>git init foo
Initialized empty Git repository in C:/tmp/foo/.git/

C:\tmp>attrib foo\.git
   H      C:\tmp\foo\.git

"H" here stands for "hidden". Run attr /? in the command prompt to see
what other attributes are supported on Windows filesystems (FATs, NTFS).

*nix has a similar protocol. has a reference to the historical 'accident'..

Only in a sense: interactive command-line shells (like bash) and dumbed
down graphical shells like Nautilus indeed do not show "dotfiles" by
default, and command-line shells also by default exclude such files
from globbing operations, IIRC.  These files are not really hidden as
POSIX does not mandate implementing such a file attribute on
filesystems. So yes, they are hidden by policy only.

In Windows Explorer you can set a preference to show them by default
(see Google;-)

That is correct, yes.

I think we are in general agreement here ;-)

My personal approach instead is to use a sensible file-browsing tool
for heavy-lifting operations leaving Windows Explorer for quick ad-hoc
tasks, and then it can be left mostly with default settings.
To name a few such tools, there are: FAR manager [1] (I admit it's
hardly popular anywhere except in the ex-USSR lands), Total Commander
[2] (proprietary), Free Commander [3] (Total Commander clone,
freeware), ╬╝Commander [4] (Java, for those with lots of free RAM, so
they've picked a classy name) etc.



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